Sunday, February 1, 2009

This morning, I woke up, and before even having my first cup of coffee, I got down to business and ordered this bag online. I couldn't help myself; I live for Orla Kiely...and thanks to our ever-failing economy, they are all on sale. sale. sale. I just can't wait...3 to 5 business days!

Oh, and the shoes are another of my most recent new obsesssions. I went through my house and hunted for coins, took them to a coinstar, and off to the shoestore to buy those babies up! The cashier even gave me a 10% discount!


    & why did the cashier give you 10% off? did you slut it up or something? hook it up

  2. I love them both! I admire you so much for buying things on instinct. I have such a hard time with spending money. And agreed with Kenny — shoe prostitute choself?

  3. I got a paycheck, that's why! :)
    Oh, and I was not prostishoeing myself. What happened was, I tried on the shoes and then decided I needed to go upstairs to the clothing department to think them over, and I came back to the shoe section to buy them from the guy who helped me (since they're paid on commission). He was really thankful that I remembered, so he gave me a discount. IT PAYS TO BE A NICE GUY!!!